Strength and Wellness Coaching for Women



Revolutionized coaching for pregnant and postpartum women

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1-On-1 Virtual Coaching


Birth Preparation

Whether if this is your first pregnancy or tenth get the guidance you need before, during and after birthing. A pre & postnatal specialist is only a virtual call away.

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What You’ll Get…

  • Birth with confidence
  • Head off back pain, hip pain, incontinence, constipation and prolapse before they start
  • Unveil hidden daily routines that sabotage a healthy, happy core for birthing
  • Ensure necessary birthing alignment and effective pushing¬†
  • Reduce birthing complications
  • Optimize nourishment to your little one
  • Expedite postnatal recovery
  • Learn simple techniques you will love for life
  • ¬†At the Radiant Bump Way – Strong, confident and vibrant are normal pregnancy and birthing expectations


Postpartum Recovery

Resolve confusion and debunk misinformation about postpartum recovery. Let’s close that diastasis recti and normalize pelvic floor function.

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What You’ll Get…

  • Resolve diastasis recti, post mommy pooch, saggy skin, pelvic floor pain
  • Wellness evaluation
  • Personalized personal training
  • Functional nutrition
  • Help with meal planning
  • Safe herbal applications and teas
  • Diastasis safe strength training
  • Optimize breast milk production
  • Expedite postnatal recovery
  • Pelvic Floor Care
  • Nourishing and easy recipes
  • Help with navigating medical needs
  • Weight loss


Custom Nourish

Do you have a health issue you want help with but don’t know where to start? Hire a rehab expert to solve the most complex cases.

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What You’ll Get and More…

  • Designed to suit your need
  • Wellness evaluation
  • Personal training
  • Functional nutrition
  • Physical therapy consultation
  • Medical guide
  • General wellness
  • Injury prevention

Get Serious About Growth

Work with a wellness physical therapy coach to take your health to the next level