In-Home Physical Therapy for Moms

Reclaim Strength & Restore Pelvic Floor Function The Radiant Bump Way

Making Postpartum Recovery Swifter, Easier & Effective

The Radiant Bump Way is a comprehensive personal training, functional nutrition and physical therapy integration system designed to help women with pelvic floor dysfunction with or without the related following list of conditions...

What to Expect With The Radiant Bump Way...

Advanced Manual Therapy to Assess and Treat Root Causes

Having a baby is no joke! A big key to The Radiant Bump Way 1:1 care is our specialized manual therapy. We assess how your organs are moving and help reorganize them for optimal health and healing. 85% of musculoskeletal pain is actually coming from organs that are restricted. 

We Bridge the Gap Between Postpartum Rehab and Fitness

Beyond rehabilitation – we take you through the beginning stages of fitness to prevent injury and ensure your body will stay aligned and strong no matter the demand you choose to put on it; be it a weekend hike or high level fitness we’ve got your back!

Functional Nutrition Education to Optimize Health and Healing

Discover herbs and foods for internal and external application to optimize recovery. Rebuilding requires specialized fuel, especially if you are nursing a child. Your therapist will customize a plan for you AND help you implement it based on your history and needs. 

Start Restoring Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Every mother's successful plan to recovery must begin with two beliefs: the cells of my body are made to heal because my body is for me not against me and fear, is not an option.