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Hi I’m Stephanie, 

I am a pre & postnatal rehab expert, specializing in diastasis recti and pelvic floor function.

Over my 15+ years of practicing physical therapy I have found that the body truly is built to heal, we simply have to give it the environment to do so. 

In my experience this means getting to the root cause of a musculoskeletal dysfunction, educating on exercises that harm the body and exercises that help the body, making plain the role of emotions in healing, cutting through the red tape about ‘healthy food & herbs’ and providing the tools necessary to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, fitness and daily living. 

YES momma. It is possible. 

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Healing is multifaceted. Be it time, relationship, nourishment, body work or other self care. Give yourself the grace to invest in YOU.
stephanie magno

Leave it to me, i Can help you with...

Pelvic pain, repairing your core, healing Diastasis recti, reversing prolapse, maintaining normal bladder continence, repairing abdominal hernias, weight loss, strengthening without fear, shaping your tummy and more.

80% of musculoskeletal issues arise from the viscera (the organs in your body) By restoring normal motion and position of your organs through hands on treatment and specific exercises you can conceive when you couldn’t before, you can prevent unnecessary birthing injuries and recover from pregnancy with confidence. 

Beyond pulling your belly button to your spine. Learn a multifaceted approach to de-bloat, reorganize your organs and activate your ENTIRE core naturally. 

Rock pregnancy with confidence knowing you are aligned and in good posture for optimal birthing. Then recovery postpartum stronger by addressing postural imbalances from carrying a small fry on your front side for 9 months 😉

Learn what exercises you need for your particular condition and learn how to safely progress all the way into advanced fitness levels for sustainable results that last. 

Healing is a million times more efficient and lasting with the right fuel. Learn practical, attainable ways to nourish well through food and thought.

What We Offer

Clinically proven training systems that work.

Online Course Training - DIY

Clinical level 7 week postpartum recovery system designed and taught by health enthusiast, physical therapist and momma, Stephanie Magno.

Virtual Coaching

Can't meet in person? That's ok, we can coach you from here. Get physical therapy consultation, functional nutrition coaching and health/personal training "in home" through online video conferencing or phone.

House Calls

Need in person help? We bring personal training and the 'clinic' to you! Now serving the Portland, OR metro area.

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