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Fix the mommy Tummy thing

such as Diastasis recti, bloating, lowback pain, constipation, fatigue

Alleviate Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

such as pain, prolapse, leaking pee

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Why EVERY momma should go through a pregnancy preparation and postpartum rehab system

Diastasis Recti

A condition where the tissue between your rectus abdominis thins and separates. It is most common during pregnancy but can also occur with damaging exercises, chronic bloating, poor nutrition and/or constipation.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

When the internal pressure systems are not properly balanced with right posture, a closed diastasis recti, organ position and muscle length and strength we end up with leaking pee, pain and maybe even prolapse. 


Diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunctions are reversible

It takes more than just “time” to heal. You need…

A proven system that works.

In clinic OR do it yourself – see what our mommas are saying

Carol H

“I love how foundational, yet challenging and effective this course is. In 7 easy weeks I restored my core. It’s AMAZING. Not only that but, I’m a busy mama of three and needed something I could easily integrate into my life. This course is it!”

Carol H.
Margie N

“I had a complicated first birth resulting in a c-section. I was able to fit into my jeans much faster after birthing and no ‘pudgy’ post mommy tummy, which usually gets worse on the second birth!”

Margie N.
Robin N

“I’m amazed by Stephanie’s knowledge, she knows so much about health and wellness. Without her help I wouldn’t have had such good recovery from childbirth and I’ve had two other pregnancies to compare with!”

Robin M.

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